Adventure Time Series Notes Thoughts And Overall Review(Contains Spoilers!!)

I know I’m late. After the show ended on 09/03. I binged it for about one and a half to 2 weeks. I finished on 09/18. Well technically late 09/17 but it was into 09/18. I saw the series finale actually is how it goes and then watched the whole show. All 280-ish episodes including the Minecraft special and the three mini series being Stakes, Islands, and Elements. I saw the first nine seasons on Hulu. The last season I saw on I did something unusual while watching this show bear with me. I actually took notes. I started seeing it on 09/07. I finished Adventure Time season 01 that day and at the time so far I would say my favorite episode that I would start my top 10 with is episode 11 the one with the wizard powers and shadowmancy. In Adventure Time Gunther the penguin gave birth to a magical kitten in S 2 Ep 11. I was on S 3 Ep 1 when I typed that on 09/08. This show still has no continuous story arc really yet. I personally never played Dragons and Dungeons but I know of other shows or their episodes that reference it like Gravity Falls with Probabilitor. The thing with Tree Trunks as Quartzion was kind of a mini arc but it was only like maybe two episodes long. My favorite episode of season 2 is between S 2 Ep 7 and S 2 Ep 15. My favorite song is from S 2 Ep 21. The Hotdog Knights are incredibly stupid. The Lich is cool. This big mess hodgepodge of stories eventually kind of sort of becomes one big coherent story at some point. There have been 4 Marceline episodes at this point. Honestly Marcy is my favorite. Side thoughts:I find that Marceline’s dad Hunson Abadeer aka The Lord Of Evil reminds me of Raven’s dad from Teen Titans Trigon aka Scath aka Trigon The Terrible aka 4 Eyes. It’s a similar trope/arc. Raven’s Dad is evil and originates from beyond the great door of Azarath and resides in the Fiery prison dimension. Marceline’s dad is evil and has the nightosphere. They are both half something else. Marceline’s mom was a mortal woman and was just referred to as Marceline’s mom. It’s a shame that we really did not learn about her. Raven’s mom is also a human woman named Arella we don’t know much about her either except that she was an Azarath monk. On 09/09 I saw the whole Season 3 of Adventure Time. Adventure Time Season 3 Episode 10 song 1 was my favorite song of the season. The episodes that stuck out to me in Season 3 were episodes 4, 8, 9, 16, 23, & 20. Episode 19 Part II was still labeled as Episode 19 and it was a Christmas 🎄 special. There was such a missed opportunity for a Christmas 🎄 song. There have been 7 proper Marceline Episodes at this point. Then I was on Season 4 Episode 1 until I started season 4 on 09/10. This is a list of the episodes that I liked in season 4:S 4 Ep 5
S 4 Ep 25 song 3(proper Marceline Ep)
S 4 Ep 8
S 4 Ep 11(proper Marceline Ep)
S 4 Ep 13
S 4 Ep 17
S 4 Ep 19
S 4 Ep 23

Honestly with the exception of like Rick & Morty and maybe Steven Universe which I will probably watch next almost everything on Television these days is trash. Notes:Season 4 Finale, Lich King he hasn’t had too many appearances,
, How long is a rainicorn’s gestation period?,
,Huntress Wizard 3 appearances
,Wizard Cat like 5 appearances

One episode of Season 3 Of Adventure Time I saw twice, it was episode 7 because it was entitled still. Something weird was going on with Hulu the first time I saw the episode. Oddly enough it was stuck on a still of the title card. This made me wonder if it was supposed to be like that. It wasn’t the though because the second time I saw it instead of just hearing the story I also saw the episode. I do however think that it’s a cool idea to do an episode of a cartoon like that on purpose though stuck on a still a photograph a postcard or something of the like but tell the whole story with one frame. I finished season 5 on 09/12. Seasons I believe it’s 5 and 6 were about twice as long as the others. Is season 5 episode 2 really the end of the Lich King? No it was not.
I just have a tendency to list out episodes and songs that I liked for each season:

Season 5 Episode 5,
S 5 Ep 8,
S 5 Ep 13 Xergiok song,
S 5 Ep 11,
S 5 Ep 15,
S 5 Ep 18,
S 5 Ep 22,
S 5 Ep 26,
S 5 Ep 29(Marceline & Princess Bubblegum Ep),
S 5 Ep 34,
S 5 Ep 38,
S 5 Ep 41,
S 5 Ep 46,
S 5 Ep 52,
S 3 Ep 3 Memory of a memory goes with S 5 Ep 14, S 5 Ep 29, & S 5 Ep 48. I like how they paced it. It is stretched out but still interconnects with other important story. I saw season 6 on 09/15. Citadel Martin Finn’s dad was a real Jerk.
Lich baby.
Tree Trunks and Mister Pig are given the Lich baby is this a good idea? It turns out the answer was yes.
S 6 Ep 4,
S 6 Ep 6 Breezy song,
S 6 Ep 9,
S 6 Ep 11,
S 6 Ep 15,
S 6 Ep 18,
Jake was technically birthed by Joshua. His real dad was an alien ass. Jermaine was birthed by Margaret. Famous guest voice appearances such as
the Goose being Fry and Doctor Erik Addamkimson being Professor Hubert J Farnsworth.
The Finn sword was pretty cool.
It sucks it had to be made by Prismo’s Plan B for not dying.
S 6 Ep 24,
S 6 Ep 25, (The whole astral Finn thing and Marceline song)
Princess Bubblegum is too controlling as evidenced by S 6 Ep 22.
S 6 Ep 30,
S 6 Ep 35,
S 6 Ep 38,
The alien Orgalorg is Gunther.
The Lich Baby was both a Thief working for The One True King of OOO & a Prophet.
I cannot stress how much Finn’s Dad Martin is a real jerk.
In one episode it seemed like Marceline and LSP could be friends?
The One True King of OOO is an idiot and a coward.
Finn’s Dad Martin took the comet deal.
Jake was fine.
The Grass Sword is back.
Orgalorg became Gunther again. The show could have ended there probably. There was still more story for some key characters though like Huntress Wizard. I saw season 7 on 9/15. I don’t understand how there were two ice elementals. I get that Patience Saint Pim froze herself when the others refused. How was she still reincarnated in a sense though when she was still alive. She told the girls that they used to be guys and that this was better. Ice King has the same powers as Patience Saint Pim. In season 7 early when they start going into Marcy and Bonnibel’s history you can if you pay close enough attention start to get slight first hints of Bubbline. I liked season 7 episodes 10, 16, 19, and 22. I don’t get why Stakes was an eight parter. In the later seasons that became quite common. Heck most of season 7 was eight parters. Stakes had more Bubbline hints. Princess Bubblegum tried to cure Marcy. She succeeded but… I like Marcy’s powers. Her dad did not give her any powers except for maybe a little bit of demon soul sucking. She got her powers by sucking them out of vampires. I liked the song in season 7 episode 11. Marcy ate the vampire king and lost her last chance to be human. Was it worth it? You decide but as for me I am going to say definitely unequivocally yes. I feel bad for AMO. I want more Simon and Marcy stories. How old is Gunter? Why is Betty used so sparsely especially considering that she just sacrifices herself and becomes Golb. I liked Simon’s song. The Huntress Wizard and Finn are stupid they were playing the music for each other and Huntress Wizard is like I like you too but the secret is that we can’t fall in love. He had been burned before quite literally by Flame Princess. Princess Bubblegum is nice and there are many facets to het. I saw season 8 on 09/16. Season 8 expanded on the Simon and Marcy story to also include Bubblegum and Betty. I liked episodes 3 and 7 of this season. The Bandit Princess had a familiar voice to me like maybe Princess Morbucks from the PowerPuff Girls. I liked episode 9, Finn’s song at the end of 10, 14, 16, 19, 23, and 26. The Founder’s song was cool. Minerva is Finn’s mom. The Fern episode was a three parter. James Baxter returns. His name isn’t even James Baxter he actually saw signs that said Games and Bookstore. I agree with Marcy that sometimes Bonnibel can be a dingus. Islands was another eight parter. Season 8 was technically less than 11 episodes. There was a virus made 300 years ago by doctor gross. I was not sure at the time which eight parter I liked more. I still may not be. I would maybe say Stakes just because I’m a Marcy fan. I saw season 9 on 9/17. I liked these episodes: S 9 Ep 3
S 9 Ep 7
S 9 Ep 10
S 9 Ep 11 more Bubbline hints

and S 9 Ep 12. The Lich hand from Lich Jake farm world would end up in this reality. Lich/Sweet P grows up to be pretty cool.
I really liked the Bass Song.
LSP is an anti-elemental.
The Ice Fox sings nice.
Adventure Time got DARK.
There was an Alternate Candy Reality.
What was with all the multiple parters? I appreciated them don’t get me wrong but I also could have done without. It could just as easily have been done in flashbacks.
Bubblegum had an episode with a whole hive-mind deal.
I really liked the Finn & Jake duet.
How is it possible for there to be two ice elementals? I mentioned this earlier was wondering when it would pop up in my notes.
Cinnamon Bun had a good arc. What happened to Bun Bun with the Flame King/King of the Chipmunks? Nothing really we don’t really see them again until the Flame King comes to see Flame Princess rap.
Marcy’s not a nerd.
Did Betty really betray Finn? Yes in the end Betty betrayed everyone to keep Simon safe and make him sane again. They are all nuts. I really liked the Let me call you sweetheart song maybe aka the candy song which was a Bonnibel and Marcy Duet.
What is a vuvuzela? I know it’s an instrument but what does it look like and how do you play it? Fern-Grass Finn cool key-don’t remember what this is about.
After the fight with Susan what was real? It’s a really good question.
Fern/Lich? Fern did not become the Lich. I saw season 10 on 09/17 into 09/18.S 10 Ep 1 was more Huntress Wizard.
S 10 Ep 5 Fern was reintroduced as the green knight.
I liked these episodes S 10 Ep 8,
S 10 Ep 12,
and the series finale which was S 10 Ep 13-16 and ran for a length of 44:37.
You could say I killed like one and a half to two weeks watching the whole series of Adventure Time but it was worth it.
How many BMO episodes are there? Not as many as the Marcy ones but still a few. I like the football ones.
Son of Rap Bear was another rap bear episode but was it really needed?
I like Son Of Rap Bear’S rhymes.
S 10 Ep 4 had even more Bubbline hints.
Was it a bad idea for Bubblegum to make family? I think the answer to that is apparent and it is a resounding YES.
Is princess bubblegum really even a princess? She came from the same mother gum as her brother Neddy. She made the kingdom so did she just declare herself princess until she quit and then eventually retook the throne from the imbecilic The One True King Of OOO?
On his 17th birthday Marcy gives Finn a harmonica. He plays flute and other instruments.
Tree Trunks backstory came kind of late in the series.
There is no debate that it was about damn time that we got more Marcy backstory but at this point what else is there to know?
Pepbut made a really cool sword. It’s a shame that he was caught in the stupid juice.
Hunson Abadeer is just like everyone’s parents when they get older telling them:”so when are you going to have some kids?”
I prefer the Bronwyn to the Kim Kil Whan episodes. Kim Kil Whan is a stiff and his daughter is more like the gwandpa a cool skater.
I feel that the Banana Guards deserved more story.
Are the candy people German? I ask this only because I saw a sign that said


BLE is like Adventure Time’s version of MAD Magazine or Mad Libs.
It took long enough to get back to this star child nonsense.
Does Jermaine have to be such a wet blanket? He doesn’t and yet he is because he doesn’t have a choice having to take over his father’s work.
I really liked the Betty Flashbacks.
Recon was done by both Gumbald and Princess Bubblegum because they saw that the other was doing it so said that they did not have a choice.
All the jerks like Me-Mow are on Gumbaldia’s side for the war.
Diamonds & Lemons is cool. I like the old game vibe bit to it.
Betty=Golb. The roles get reversed and then Simon has to bring her back.
Fern really deserved redemption.
They did a fake out and did not have an actual war.
Marcy’s sacrifice and losing her chance at being human was worth it.
Bubbline is finally confirmed. They wanted to put Marcy with a different female candy person early on but the idea was nixed someone was fired and resignations or apologies or something went out.
The end song in the context of the show makes sense.
LSP X LemonGrab. I think they would make a good pair. This Is Unacceptable with Whatever.
Fern was planted at the tree house.
Gunther becomes the New Ice King and everyone’s lives continue.

I would score this show like a high nine probably. I agree with IGN saying that the finale was a masterpiece.

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