My Time With Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

This last Friday April 22,2022 I got Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on Switch. I know that I am late and that it came out years ago in 2020, late May the 29th as a matter of fact. I was trying to play it with no armor or anything and being a total noob. I played the prologue Friday where Dunban who is your friend and the brother to Fiora uses the Monado to save everyone and loses the use of his right arm in the process. I have played for like 28 hours so far. I played chapter 1 which was not that hard. I am still playing these games on casual. I am playing this and the Forgotten Land which is the new Kirby game that came out this last March on the 25th. The first chapter is mainly gathering the ether cylinders. You go through Tephra Cave and the Mag Mell Ruins and the rear entrance to get to the Mechon wreckage site. At first before equipping the armor and stuff I was level like 6 and kept on losing to the ancient weapon. I took Fioras equipment and gave it to Reyn. I did not know that Fiora was going to die. I felt that Fioras death was not really earned so that it was not worth it. Shulk using the research and some instinct starts learning how to use the Monado. When we go to check on Dunban he is not there so we go to the lab to get to him because we know that he must have gone for the Monado. Dunban consoles Shulk. He said I have felt this deep sense of loss before and promised myself that I would never cry again. When you fight your way to Dunban after clearing a path for Fiora she shows up in the mech. Dickson who Reyn calls Square-stache is an important character. He is a commander and also the one who punishes Reyn for messing up which is why he asks for your help to collect the ether. There is a flashback to fourteen years ago of Shulk bundled up having fallen asleep like right in front of the Monado. Then instead of starting chapter 3 I started doing sidequests. I have accepted I think just about every quest. I honestly don’t know how many more I have as of now that I have yet to do including fighting monsters and collecting apples. I am starting to get how to use the Monado arts. The max combo is up to 15 hits in a chain attack. I am only getting like 3 or 4. I am now level 39. It took the longest to get Dunban from level 31 to level 32. I have since played chapter 3 where Shulk saves Reyn with the shield that the Monado made when the arachno queen almost killed him. Shulk sees a possible future and saves him. What is up with JRPGs and spiders? I want you to think like an old Lord of the Rings game & especially the Legend of Dragoon. At the start of chapter 4 when you come out of the Tephra cave and you are technically on the kneecap of the Bionis you see the Mechonis. A little after that you save Juju from some monsters by an oasis. You also fix his buggy. I was a little ahead with the arachno queen fight and then a little behind again the fight after. Chapter 4 for the most part is the refugee camp with Sharla and Juju. Sharla is Jujus older sister. The camp is a little place between colonies 9 & 6. Sharla sees Reyn as a Gadolt substitute. Sharla was supposed to marry Gadolt who she sees as a big brother but that was before him & the other colony 6ers went out to fight. The buggy that you fixed cannot go into the deep valley so Juju walks it anyway. I guess that was for nothing then. The chapter 4 boss is a level 18 mechon. The boss has Juju and he almost got Sharla too but using a new ability of the Monados Shulk saves her. I played chapter 5. Chapter 5s lore is starting to come into its own with the ancient race of the High Entia and also the Telethia. It is a Telethia that saves you when metal face is remembering and making fun of the way that Fiora died. Ortharon gives Sharla Gadolts rifle. He sadly like a lot of the other colony 6ers did not make it. I liked the chapter overall. I did not like the part where I kept falling in the ether mine which happened to me like at least a handful of times but I did like the part with the explosion. Dunban & Dickson come and save you after you save Juju and Ortharon. Dunban has a sword that Dickson made for him out of mechon armor. The attacks the mechon did were probably from the base that the colony 9ers had their last stand a year ago. You get into a fight with metal face outside of the mine and a lot of other Xords like the one that you just beat in the pit. In chapter 5 you fight Xord twice. Xord is still a level 25 boss. I am curious about the guy who was with the dragon thing on top of the tower like structure. The first time in this chapter you cannot hurt Xord just like at the end of the last chapter. The second time you fight Xord though you can hurt him. Now I have to go down the lower back and around the waste and eventually make my way to prison island. I played chapter 6. The boss for chapter 6 is the level 29 Sartorl Guardian. The area and name of this chapter is Sartorl Swamp. I did like all of the quest except for a gift because I am not up to Frontier Village with the nopon Dedeba yet. I cannot beat the deluded ignas because I do not know how to go around to get to them yet. I still can not complete the Paola and Narine quest yet. Now I need to get up the affinity between two female characters. The reckless goodwin enemy in this chapter that is level 31 is not strong but has an instant death move. After going through the Swamp and past the Sartorl Statues and stuff we went through the Bionis third lung and stuff while heading up. The end part of the chapter is really important. Lady Vanea and Egil are doing a soul transfer thing with Meyneth. The collecting the radiant stones and things to do the quest at the end of the chapter was not hard. Then Chapter 7 starts by introducing us to Melia who is fighting a big dragon like monster, also she is important now and will again be really important as one of the leaders of one of the two big nations in part 3 and her soldiers who are Aizel, Hogard, Garan and Damil. All of Shulks visions are a big part of the story true heir to the monado which are really cool. Melia is the daughter of the emperor. In chapter 7 Alvis teaches you how to use the purge power of the Monado and you used it and fought the telethia spawn. You control the Monado. Your party saved Melia with water ether crystals that you got by the waterfall. You go to the Nopon Frontier Village to have a meeting with the chief.  Melia appoints herself your guide. You get safe passage to Eryth Sea by the Nopon.  Hero Riki is a joke. Melia hurt the daddy telethia. You have two fights with Leone Telethia. One of them is not too hard but then you start having no effect after a short while and then in the second fight where Melia and the Monado actually help you to defeat the Leone Telethia. Prison Island is the only place where a dark tower can be. You need a sanction and need permission from the emperor to get to your next destination. At the end of the chapter to get to Eryth Sea you use a shortcut and jump into a ball at the top of Frontier Village with the transportation guide.Melia is still your guide and now that you helped her to get revenge for Aizel and the others she is going to help you to get your revenge as well. A big part of why I got Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is that I beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 forever ago back in like February of 2019 and now Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is coming out this year. It was supposed to come out September of this year but then got pushed up to July 29th. What the speculation says and I may be inclined to agree is that the dates for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Splatoon 3 were swapped. A few days after this last Tuesday the 19th of April 2022 when the Xenoblade trailer dropped, well like 3 days later on Friday April 22nd Splatoon 3 was confirmed to be coming out on September 9th. I am not entirely sure how the Xenoblade games are connected. One possible theory is that the guy who was punished in the 2nd game by being sent to an alternate dimension of his own may have something to do with it. The only game not counted among the Xenoblade trilogy is Xenoblade Chronicles X that was on the Wii U. Both Xenoblade and Xenoblade 2 had DLC. The Definitive includes the DLC and for the second game you have to get the DLC separate. When I went to pick up the game the other day I saw on the shelf at gamestop what I thought was 3 copies of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive. I was wrong it was 2 copies of Definitive one new for the usual $59.99 and one pre-owned for $43.99. The third one turned out to be a pre-owned copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for like $55. I am really pumped for this game. I have been watching a lot of videos and reading a lot of articles and not just the official Nintendo video: I have been watching a lot of videos from the likes of PlayerEssence, KayJulers & NintendoLife. In one video NintendoLife pointed out how for like a frame or two that Noah’s arm was wrong. They still have time to fix it. Whoever was doing the editing it was a little poor and they should know that people are going to dissect the hell out of it so should do a better job. The monster in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 trailer gives me Ifrit vibes. I hope to have it as in the UI not too cluttered though the way that they have it, I am fine with. I am more than ready to learn more about the story. I really enjoy these massive games. I want to get to know everything that I can about the nations of Agnus & Keves and also to learn a lot about the Ouroboros. I know only certain ones can combine. The Switch is the only system that I never had a problem with finding something to play. Unlike the PlayStation the 4 when it first came out and the 5 really had hardly anything to play. There was Spider-Man, It Takes Two, and some upgraded games like the last Assassin’s Creed but that’s about it. I will leave you with this though are the Ouroboros special blades? Let me know what you think.

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