Global Citizen Festival 2017

Did you hear about the numerologists predicting that the world was going to end on Saturday September 23rd? I never believed it. On the other hand I never figured I would go to a concert either. It was really good. I did most of my homework Friday. It was like 7 hours long I got photos mainly and a few videos of everything until my phone died at 0800 PM. What sucks is that was shortly before Stevie Wonder & Pharrell Williams closed it out. It ended at 1000 PM I got home at 1100 PM. Stevie did 12 or 13 songs. Stevie made fun of himself and Pharrell a little on the fact that he himself Stevie was blind. He said Pharrell drives a little slower than me. He Stevie took to one knee no both knees then when he got up he said let me dust myself off I have stuff around my knees don’t worry I see it. Stevie was there with his grandkids son Kwami & daughter Aisha who was born in New York. The rest of his kids are in California. Pharrell was really happy to share the stage with Stevie. He spoke of how his aunt always had Stevie’s records so he would hear them all up & down the week. He couldn’t even remember the words to his own songs. Stevie likes that Pharrell is genuine not only does he sing about being happy but he is about that life. Stevie sang isn’t she lovely isn’t she beautiful for Jimmy’s daughter. There were a lot of celebrities the performers were Green Day, The Killers, The Lumineers, The ChainSmokers, Alessia Cara, Andra Day, Big Sean.Whoopi Goldberg & Wendy Williams were advocates and there were politician’s as well. We were lucky that The Killers were there because they are on tour. Their new CD the fifth one at that just came out on Friday September 22nd. Pharrell sang up all night to get lucky, superstitious and then happy. Stevie messed around with an electronic keyboard & mashed two songs together then told Pharrell to sing happy again which he did to close it out. I figured it would be a good time. I invited a cousin & his friend but they couldn’t make it. You are supposed to earn your way in by taking actions tweeting calling emailing lawmakers but I just bought my ticket. They talk a lot about how much money has been raise so far and what still needs to be raised to earn their main goal of ending world poverty by 2030. I figure if the world is going to end wise words indeed I might as well go out having a good time screw it.

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